ALTERNATE NAMES: None reported

LENGTH: 245 nts

PROCESS: Pseudouridine formation in rRNA, Cleavage

25S rRNA: Y2923

Guide Domains
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Schizosaccharomyces pombe has an orthologous snoRNA.
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   1 aacgcaaauu uaacagccau ucguaacacg uacaguaucu cgucgagguu gaaccccucc
  61 ggggcguucu ugacccauga agaaugugga uugguguugc aauauauuua uuauuggcuu
 121 ggacuggaga acaaauuuau cgaucuuggg ugcaacaguc uuucugucgu cuguuuuuua
 181 gcagaucuaa ggguuuaccu ucgugugccc ggaugaggac cguugcaagg auugauaaua
 241 caacu

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