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A little bit about Arabidopsis

Arabidopsis thaliana may be a newcomer in the "model organisms" arena, but it has made a big splash in the field of plant biology. This small mustard plant is currently the organism of choice in many research areas in plant biology, including development, metabolism, environmental adaptability and pathogen interactions. But why choose this plant over other agriculturally important plants? While it's true that corn, tomato and tobacco are major model organisms, they don't posses Arabidopsis unique features., which make it the model organism of choice. These features include a small genome, the ability to grow in confined spaces and a short generation time with abundant seed production. Arabidopsis is also easily transformed, making genetic studies more practical.

Here are some links to Arabidopsis related sites

These sites range from homepages of various P.Is, to commercial sites offering information and services.
Lehle seeds This site offers information on "everything Arabidopsis."
AtDB at Stanford This site is the central Arabidopsis database.
EST analysis database located at the University of Minnesota.
The Nottingham stock centre

All these sites have ample links which should keep you busy for some time. Happy surfing!

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