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Membrane Biochemistry __ Journal Club (724-797B)

Spring 08 LGRT 703

Fri 2:30-3:30

Instructors: Alejandro P. Heuck ( and Robert Weis (

Today is

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Date Topics

Fri May 9
Lecture 12


Remember to send a pdf file of your presentation to post in the web page. Thanks.

Papers: Vaccinia Virus Uses Macropinocytosis and Apoptotic Mimicry to Enter Host CellsMercer et al Science 2008. 320, 531. PDF.

Membrane Phosphatidylserine Regulates Surface Charge and Protein Localization. Yeung et al. 2008. 319, 210.

Review on PS recognition by phagocytes.


Presenter: Fabian Romano

Group Reader: Samanta Satamita

Fri May 2
Lecture 11


Remember to send a pdf file of your presentation to post in the web page. Thanks.

Paper: Lipid Bilayer Discs and Banded Tubules: Photoinduced Lipid Sorting in Ternary Mixtures

Yuan et al. 2004 JACS 130, 2067.


Presenter: Seena Koshy

Group Readers: Aruni K., Azuero Martha

Propose papers: Fabian Romano

Fri April 25
Lecture 10


Remember to send a pdf file of your presentation to post in the web page. Thanks.

Paper: Partitioning of Dual-Lipidated Peptides into Membrane Microdomains: Lipid Sorting vs Peptide Aggregation

Janosch et al. 2004 JACS 126, 7496.

Review on two photon microscopy and lipid phases. PDF


Presenter: Martha Azuero

Group Readers: Sravanti Vaidya, Kathryne Medeiros

Propose papers: Seena Koshy

Fri April 18
Lecture 9


Remember to send a pdf file of your presentation to post in the web page. Thanks.

Paper: Visualization of plasma membrane compartmentalization with patterned lipid bilayers

Wu et al. 2004 PNAS 101, 13803.


Presenter: Ankit Vahia

Group Readers: Fabian Romano, Luis Ramirez

Propose papers: Martha Azuero

Fri April 11
Lecture 8


While presenting a paper, be sure to dedicate 25-30% of your talk for the introduction. During the introduction you need to explain the concepts, experimental techniques, and other elements required to understand and follow the presentation. Leave 10-15% of the presentation for the conclusion and critical discussion, and use the rest of the time to present the experimental data. Remember that you DO NOT necessarily need to present all the figures from the paper. If there are too many, choose those figures that will make a nice and complete story.

Paper with a definition of "lipid rafts".

Paper:Effect of the Structure of Lipids Favoring Disordered Domain Formation on the Stability of Cholesterol-Containing Ordered Domains (Lipid Rafts): Identification of Multiple Raft-Stabilization Mechanisms.

Bakht et al. 2007 Biophys. J. 93, 4307.


Presenter: Kathryne Medeiros

Group Readers: Will Boston-Howes, Samanta Satamita

Propose papers: Ankit Vahia

Fri April 4
Lecture 7


Molecular Movies

More examples of papers to present: paper1, paper 2

Paper:Raft Composition at Physiological Temperature and pH in the Absence of Detergents. Ayuyan and Cohen

Biophysical Journal 2008. 94, 2654. PDF. Supplemental Information. Movie.


Presenter: Will Boston-Howes

Group Readers: Seena Koshy, Subinoy Rana

Propose papers: Kathryne Medeiros

Fri March 28
Lecture 6


Lipids Data bank:

Paper:Vertical and Directional Insertion of Helical Peptide into Lipid Bilayer Membrane.

Nakatani et al. Langmuir 2007. 23, 7170. PDF.


Presenter: Subinoy Rana

Group Readers: Ankit Vahia, Aruni K.

Propose papers: Will Boston-Howes

Fri March 21
No class


Enjoy the Spring Break!!


Lipids Data bank:

Recent review on membrane lipids. Membrane lipids: where they are and how they behave. Nature Reviews on Molecular Cell Biology 2008, 9, 112.

Fri March 14
Lecture 5


Examples of papers to present: paper1, paper2, paper3.

Paper: "Tuning lipid mixtures to induce or suppress domain formation across leaflets of unsupported asymmetric bilayers". Marcus D. Collins and Sarah L. Keller PNAS (2008) 105, 124-28.

Review from S. Keller.


Presenter: Satamita Samanta

Group readers: Luis Ramirez, A. Heuck

Fri March 7
Lecture 4


Cholesterol structure and numeration of the carbon atoms.

Paper:Phosphatidylinositol 4,5-Bisphosphate Functions as a Second Messenger that Regulates Cytoskeleton–Plasma Membrane Adhesion

Raucher et al. Cell 2000. 100, 221.


Presenter: Luis Ramirez-Tapia

Group readers: Fabian Romano, Azuero Martha

Fri Feb 29
Lecture 3


SEMINAR on Membranes Tuesday Feb 26th.

"Bio-Membranes: Structured, Adaptive and Dynamic – New Insights from in vivo and in vitro Experiments".

Paper:Effect of Cholesterol on the Interaction of the HIV GP41 Fusion Peptide with Model Membranes. Importance of the Membrane Dipole Potential

Review on membrane dipoles. PDF.

Víctor Buzón and Josep Cladera. Biochemistry 2006. 45, 15768.


Presenter: Aruni K

Group readers: Kathryne Medeiros, Samanta Satamita

Paper selection slides: Luis Ramirez-Tapia

Fri Feb 22
No class


JC Today is canceled. The University will close at 12PM. We will continue with the established schedule and move Seena's presentation to the next available open slot.

In order to exercise greater responsibility for critically assessing articles suggested for presentation, we are going to institute a new procedure for selecting articles.

 At the journal club, one week in advance of your full presentation (preferably two or more), you will
justify and defend to the group the suggested articles with 1 powerpoint slide per suggested paper (no animations)-- no more than three suggestions (slides). EXAMPLE

We'll decide at that time, which paper will be developed into a full presentation.

News and Views : Looking at membrane lipids from the inside of the cell. Nat Chem Biol. 2008 Mar;4(3):164-165. PDF


Fri Feb 15
Lecture 2


Schedule has been posted. Please choose a date for the paper presentation if you haven't done it yet.

Check for conflicts. Everybody should present a paper and participate as a Group reader twice in the semester.

Paper: N- to C-Terminal SNARE Complex Assembly Promotes Rapid Membrane Fusion.

Pobbati et al. 2006 Science 313, 673.


Presenter: Sravanti Vaidya

Group readers: Vahia Ankit, Seena Koshy

Fri Feb 8
Lecture 1


Seminar next week: Suliana Manley. Dr Manley is a postdoctoral fellow at the NIH, working on experimental studies of protein diffusion, clustering and trafficking in cell membranes. Her experiments use a novel single-molecule imaging technique, photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM).

Recent review on membrane lipids: click here.

Paper: no paper today

Presenters: Alejandro Heuck-Bob Weis

How to present a paper: some common mistakes when presenting data. (A. Heuck)

Recommendation on how to choose a good paper for disccussion (B. Weis)


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