ALTERNATE NAMES: U3, snR17a, snR17b

LENGTH: 333/332 nts

PROCESS: Cleavage of rRNA - conserved in all eukaryotes

5'External Transcribed Spacer (ETS) and 18S rRNA



SGD ORF MAP for U3a gene
SGD ORF MAP for U3b gene

GENE DISRUPTION PHENOTYPE: Lethal when both U3a and U3b are disrupted.

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   1 gucgacguac uucauaggau cauuucuaua ggaaucguca cucuuugacu cuucaaaaga
  61 gccacugaau ccaacuuggu ugaugagucc cauaaccuuu guaccccaga gugagaaacc
 121 gaaauugaau cuaaauuagc uugguccgca auccuuagcg guucggccau cuauaauuuu
 181 gaauaaaaau uuugcuuugg cguugcauuu guaguuuuuu ccuuuggaag uaauuacaau
 241 auuuuauggc gcgaugaucu ugacccaucc uauguacuuc uuuuuugaag ggauagggcu
 301 cuaugggugg guacaaaugg cagucugaca agu


   1 gucgacguac uucauaggau cauuucuaua uuaaucguca cucuuugacu cuucaaaaga
  61 gccacugaau ccaacuuggu ugaugagccc cauaaccuuu guaccccaga gugaggaaau
 121 gaaaucgaau uuaaauuagc uugguccgca auccuuagcg guucggccau cuauaauuuu
 181 gaauaaaauu uugcuuugcc guugcaauug ugauaacuuc cuuuggaauu uguugcgaua
 241 uuuaauggcg cgaugaucuu gacccauccu augugcuucc auuuuggaag gauagggauu
 301 cauggguggg uacaaauggc agucugacaa gu

Click here to view the SGD entry for U3a snoRNA.
Click here to view the SGD entry for U3b snoRNA.

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