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EGF molecule

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What are our research interests?

Research in the Gross lab focuses on receptor-mediated signaling in individual cells and cell populations. The epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) is our main interest. Quantitative CCD imaging technology allows us to measure EGF binding, [Ca2+] signaling, fluorescent EGF processing, and GFP-EGFR trafficking, all in individual cells. We are particularly interested in the molecular specific interactions between the EGFR and intracellular structural elements. We are also actively working on the mode of EGF signal transduction in mammalian cumulus cells. (Cumulus cells surround the oocyte in the ovarian follicle.)

About the background

Shown in the background is the NMR solution structure of our second-favorite molecule, epidermal growth factor. The image was rendered using RasMol, a freeware molecular visualization program available at the RasMol Home Page here at UMass. EGF is spinning at the top of the page.

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Meet our present lab members

Dave Dr. David J. Gross Zhong Zhong Zhao
Damien Damien Garbett Kate Kate Beebe

Lab trip to

Lab Trip to Tanglewood to see the Boston Symphony Orchestra
Back: Mike, John and Jeff. Front: Jun, Mieu, Dave and Julia.

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Some of our past lab members

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